Introducing the time and money saving Xtractor!

The Xtractor is a revolutionary new, patented device that
every road traveler with dual tires should have on board.
The inventor has driven big rigs for over 50 years and has
experienced the anguish of having an object stuck
between the dual tires on his rig. He came up with the
idea for the Xtractor.

Please read more on the incredible benefits of this must
have tool below. We also have a 40 second video showing
just how easy the Xtractor is to use.

The main purpose of the new Xtractor is not only to save
lives and property damage, but to make it easy to get rid
of those large objects between your tires safely and easily.

We here at Xtractor LLC care about you, your passengers
and other drivers on the road passionately. We have seen
too many accidents caused by objects ejected from
between dual tires on big rigs, buses and motorhomes.
We believe that for the small amount of money spent on
this lifetime warranted product the value is tremendous.

Although, we are not a non-profit, a portion of your order
goes towards our US Veterans, who share the road with
all of us. And, 100% of the Xtractor is made in the good
Ol’ U.S. of A!


Materials and Build

Made of American Steel with a grade 8 bolt.  It takes five pieces of flat steel that has to be bent and welded in four spots to make just one Xtractor.

Ready to Use

Simply take it out of the box and put the bolt through the aligned holes and use.  Easy!

Easy Storage

Simply take out the bolt and return it to the box or just fold and put behind your seat, in your trunk or tool box.


The Xtractor is strong, compact and portable.  You can take it with you in any vehicle you might be driving.

Return on Investment

If you have to call a tow service or repair shop to get an
object removed from between your tires, it can cost
hundreds of dollars. The Xtractor on board will pay for
itself the first time you use it.

Tool Safety

The Xtractor is not suitable for all ages.  May only be used by adults who can lift/carry more than 10 lbs.

The Benefits of owning a Xtractor

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